"DO!…YOU!….WANT!….BUBBLE!…WRAP!?!?!?!”, my grandma slowly yelled at the Japanese tourist who didn’t speak English.  This was the third time she had asked each time escalating the volume, as though decibels was what would make it more Japanese.  The tourist,  who had come into her shop and didn't speak English just blinked, befuddled at this small woman squawking at them in another language.

At the time I was too short to see over the front counter, which was probably good because all I could do was laugh at the absurdity of the interchange.

I grew up in a retail shop in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. My mum and grandma were part of the collective that started If Only, a high end gift shop. Their shop was my second home, serving customers became my expertise, and Blossette is reflection of that.

What you’ll find shocking is that I abhor shopping online which ironically is what differentiates Blossette. I bring the attention of an in-person shopping experience to your computer.  If you ever have a question, or are trying to curate a gift, please reach out via chat. 

Do you want bubble wrap? 

Baylie Carlson


SheEO of Blossette

The blogger formerly known as Tiny House Growing Family.  Our family of five lived in a Tiny House (204 sqft) before hitting the road in a converted school bus and traveling coast to coast in search of our forever home.